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May Bridal Show | Kansas City Mo Wedding Photographer

I had such a wonderful time, meeting and greeting so many wonderful brides! It was my very first show and I believe it was a huge success! It couldn’t of been possible without all the lovely

brides and grooms who stepped foot into my booth. I am so happy that we booked a couple of new brides and grooms to not only the 2104 calendar but the 2015 calendar as well.

If you weren’t able to join the show last sunday, let me tell you a little about my adventure and what my work is all about.

I started photography almost six years ago, It’s something that has always been apart of my life. When I started shooting wedding’s I knew that capturing and telling each couples stories was

more than just a must but something I was passionate about.

I fall in love with my couples, each in their own way. In fact I became best friends with one of my brides from over a year ago. I was so honored when she offered to help me with my booth. I might add

that she has also become my personal assistant!!! The best EVER!

I hope that you enjoy in my work and if you would like me to capture and tell your story, please click the contact and let’s get a meeting set up!


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